About Attractive Romania

Imagine a web of winding paths, dotted with hundreds of lesser-known sights, with people you meet along the way telling you about them, and a mosaic of images and histories that manage to reveal another side of these priceless treasures. : authentic, venerable, rich in history... attractive!

The Arutela Roman Camp  »

This is Attractive Romania – the cultural tourism program that reactivates lesser-known cultural objectives, with an immense historical and heritage value for Romania, but also for the whole of Europe, which had a special contribution in the context of the multiculturalism specific to our country. We are talking about those objectives that have remained alive through their very stories and legends, despite the passage of time, many of them being in full process of regeneration and transformation.

Corvin Castle Architectural Ensemble »

Join a trip like never before and let yourself be guided, digitally and physically, through the 12 tourist routes:

  • The route of the castles
  • The route of the curias from Transylvania
  • The route of the awls
  • The route of traditional Romanian gastronomy
  • Route of fortified churches
  • The route of the wooden churches
  • The route of monasteries in the area of ​​Moldavia
  • Saint Ladislaus route on the territory of Romania
  • The route of the Roman camps
  • Route of the fortresses
  • The route of the cultural landscape of the Danube Delta
  • Route of villages with traditional architecture.

Discover Attractive Romania, the place where Every step tells a story.